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  13. Hard Work, Now We Run

  14. The Impact of Parking on Home Values

  15. Acknowledgements and Sweating: 2017 in Review

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  18. Coffee, Club Music and Culture with Ken Hassett

  19. Talking Phil Dunphy, Puerto Rico and Forward-Thinking with Hurley Principal Marjorie Soto

  20. Catching up on Coconut Ice Cream and Being Self Taught with Philip Saul

  21. Talking City Kids, Eminem and Ethiopian Food with Caliga

  22. Dogs, Diplomas, & Daughters with Coach Larry

  23. Barack, Birdcage and Bags of Potato Chips with SRV

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  27. Pause Your Soccer Car Pool and Check This Out

  28. Bashert

  29. Life is Better With You

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